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The stories of world's artists re-told for the digital age


Outbor is a site where the stories of our world’s artists are retold in ways that captivate our minds and hearts in this digital age.

Bianca Aguglia - O profileMy name is Bianca Aguglia – the founder of Outbor – and I’m a firm believer in the power of stories to connect us and to make our life journeys more meaningful and more fun.

Travelling to foreign lands and experiencing first-hand their people and their culture is the best way to discover how beautiful and full of wonder life is all over the world. Since we can’t travel as much as we’d like, I want to bring other cultures’ stories to life here, on Outbor, and help you fall in love with our world as it is seen through the eyes of its artists.

This site is still in beta mode. Your feedback on what can be done to make it better would help a lot. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions and I will reply to them the same day (usually.)

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy.

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